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CX - Palo Alto Dental Group
511 Byron Street
Palo Alto,  CA 94301

 (650) 323-1381


Services:  General Dentistry
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4.8 out of 5 (1036 ratings)
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"Everyone at Palo Alto Dental is wonderful. Thank you for fitting me in today!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Marilyn Green on 09/19/2013

"Dr. Peter Kono is the best dentist who has ever treated me. I have the utmost confidence in his ability and character."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Dan Okimoto on 09/17/2013

"I love it here. I never have any complaints, only positive things to say. That's why I keep coming here from the East Bay!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 09/16/2013

"I have always been treated with courtesy and professionaliism by the entire staff. If I was not seen at the appointed time, it was not due to issues with your staff, but rather, it was my fault for running late. Dr. Vanzina is the best dentist I have ever had. She is always calm and reassuring, and has a way of completing any procedure or giving injections that is always gentle. I am terrified of needles, so that is saying a lot."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Lind Chiles on 09/16/2013

"I love Dr. Keller. He is the best dentist I've ever had. I call him "Dr. Painless." And he's had to do a couple of root canals for broken teeth that were overfilled when I was a child, so that is saying a lot. He is totally concerned about the well-being of his patients, and takes great care to be sure he is giving you his very best work, every time you see him."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 09/11/2013

"Dr Shachi Bahl is the most competent dentist I have ever been to. I always feel completely assured with her and her hygienists. She never tries to sell or push any unnecessary dental work. That is one reason that my husband and I have stuck with her clinic loyally for the last 3 years. Her offices are conveniently located on University Avenue, in Palo Alto and the service is A plus. They send email reminders of appointments and we are so happy that after several years of going through several other dentists, we have finally found the dental clinic that we want to stick with."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Radha Dhawan on 09/10/2013

"I was very pleased with today's appointment. I was given a clear understanding of my treatment options, and it was clear that my dentist did not want me to pursue treatment that was both expensive and unnecessary."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 09/03/2013

"Excellent professional visit."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Margaret Osborn on 09/03/2013

"Excellent dental care by Dr. Kellar andthe hygeinist. On time, no pain. Thanks."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Nagesh Mhatre on 08/28/2013

"Palo Alto Dental Group is outstanding and Dr. Keller and his staff are always "the best!""
5 stars (5 stars)
by Kaye Paugh on 08/21/2013

"Perfect, as always!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by David STraub on 07/10/2013

"Loved Dr Vanzina. She was great!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Celeste Auger-Munshi on 07/08/2013

"The staff at PAMF are always courteous and professional"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 06/30/2013

"Everyone is pleasant and professional, making a trip to the dentist (nobody's favorite thing) not so bad! My dentist explained everything she was doing, and there was no pain. What more could you ask for?"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 06/28/2013

"I just left a five star review on Yelp. Please see my comments unde my name Christine C."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Christine Chen on 06/27/2013

"Very happy to be with Dr. Kono! Very thorough and professional and explains clearly my dental conditions."
5 stars (5 stars)
by SY Wang on 06/27/2013

"Dr. Keller is great."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 06/25/2013

"Dr. Keller explained what needed to be done and was very quick and efficient in providing treatment to my tooth. The whole procedure took less than 20 minutes with only minimal discomfort during the drilling."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 06/20/2013

"I have been a patient here since the early 80's, I now live in the East Bay and will continue to come here for all time! Laurie Merryman"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Laurie Merryman on 06/17/2013

"Always a superior experience at PA Dental."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 06/06/2013



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