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Dr. Jayne Hoffman
1250 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara,  CA 95050

 (408) 243-5107


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"First time i went to a dentist that wanted payment up front before any cleaning would be done"
2 stars (2 stars)
by Anonymous on 12/26/2014

"Your team was very helpful and encouraging considering that I have anxiety about these appointments. Thank you"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 12/18/2014

"I appreciated the fact that I had been seen as soon as possible when the office knew Ihad a school function for my daughter. We were already running late. I was able to get my items/issues discussed and appointments made! Very happy with my outcome and future visits! Thank you to all in the office!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Ruby Bustsmsnte on 11/25/2014

"The whole experience was excellent!! We were treated very nice by the receptionist when we first walked in. The dentist was very thorough and took her time and explained all our options. We are so happy we took the time to come in to see Dr. Jayne Hoffman, and we are pleased that we can get the work done so quickly and that she made it very affordable for us. We were not expecting this to be such an easy and painless experience. The coffee in the waiting room was wonderful too. Thanks again."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 11/14/2014

"Here's something I haven't said in 15 years, I love going to see the Dentist! Dr. Hoffman's staff knows exactly what they're doing and are attentive to the patient needs."
5 stars (5 stars)
by GG on 11/06/2014

"My experience with this dentist was a feeling that I was with very capable and experienced friendly people. They seemed to find problems with my teeth I was not aware off, and they suggested options. I think I made the right decision in coming here. I think they got a lot done in a relatively short time."
4 stars (4 stars)
by Art Pagan on 10/29/2014

"3-hours is a long time for a dental appt. I am not a fan of the ultrasonic cleaning method. I have experienced cracked teeth due to ultrasonic dental equipment. The number of x-rays were excessive, because the technician could not get the right angle and took repeated x-rays before getting assistance from another staff person."
3 stars (3 stars)
by Anonymous on 10/27/2014

"Staff very friendly and professional. Very clean office. Loved the camera allowing clients to see for themselves what inside your mouth looked like."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Julie on 10/11/2014

"Although I've been a patient of Dr. Jayne Hoffman's for only a few weeks, I'm already sure I will never need another dentist."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Karen B. Nelson on 09/25/2014

"The whole procedure was quick and went so smoothly."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 09/17/2014

"I was very pleased with Dr. Jayne's dental work. She always makes me feel welcome along with her staff. The work she did on my teeth was great. I am very happy to say she is a great dentist. I would recommend this dental office to anyone needing a faithful professional dentist,"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Kim Mechikoff on 09/14/2014

"Your hygienist is the best!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 09/03/2014

"The exam was the most thorough I've ever had in my life. Everyone there was helpful and kind."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 08/22/2014

"I am shocked. I have gotten more and more fearful of the dentist over the last few years. I clench my body up so much for a simple cleaning that I am physically exhausted the next day. For my last crown, earlier this year, not only was by mouth sore, but my entire body ached for days. When I broke another tooth a couple of weeks ago, a friend recommended Dr. Hoffman and sedation dentistry. I tried it yesterday when she removed the old filling, fitted me for the crown, and replaced an additional filling. I woke up this morning after having the longest, deepest sleep of my life and feeling NO pain, anywhere. I'm sold. Honestly, after this one visit, I don't dread going back for the final crown and having the remaining work compl..."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Denese P on 08/21/2014

"Dr Jayne and her staff were very professional and caring. They were there at our time of need. We appreciate all that they did to help us."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 08/16/2014

"Everything about this office is great. Love the hygienist, dentist, staff and Rosa"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Joli Hayes on 08/01/2014

"Dr. Jayne and her staff were all great...they were so kind to my 12 y.o son who was nervous about getting two of his baby teeth removed. I believe with positve experiences when going to the dentist... no matter how difficult it may helps to create a lifelong connection to dental health...the staff are all so bright and positive!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 07/17/2014

"My first to Dr. Hoffman and it was a very reassuring and pleasant visit. I have a fear of dentists and have had since I was a child. After my visit, I felt very confident that Dr. Hoffman would provide guidance and information that would help alleviate some of my fears and that they understood my fears and anxiety."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 07/13/2014

"The people in Dr. Jayne's office are professional, friendly, and help me feel more at ease when I'm there."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Cindy on 07/01/2014

"it is always a pleasure to come to the office. the staff is always friendly and helpful. Service is always the best."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 06/25/2014



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